The furniture factory Cena, based in Serravalle Sesia (VC), started its activity in 1950 by the experience and hard work of Mr. Cena Zandotti Giorgio.
Positioning itself immediately in a niche market, that of tailor-made craft furniture in classic style, from a small company grew over the years while maintaining a high level of production. It specialized, more and more up to date, the design and production of furniture for cottages and mountain homes.

With the entry in the company of his son Siro, in addition to the production of high standard furniture craft, the furniture factory was able to devote itself to the recovery, restoration and conservation of clerical works in a about ten churches. This has meant that the activity could specialize in the recovery of woods and ancient fragments with which to carry products unique and unrepeatable.

Since 2012 projects Walser Design and Walser House led the company an innovative vision of "handcrafted furniture factory", embracing the philosophy of the recovery of materials from old farmhouses and huts for the production of furniture, upholstery and window frames.

Thanks to an extensive network of collaborators, today the company is able to follow an entire renovation project starting from masonry and plant till to the preparation of furniture finishes.